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 A Matter of Customs

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PostSubject: A Matter of Customs   Mon Jul 09, 2007 11:23 pm

Credit: yesasia


Liza Wang as Lui Fok Ming
Danny Lee as Tao Ling Shan
Wong Hei as Lam Chi Kong
Jessica Hester Hsuan as Moon/ Ah Fun
Jade Leung as Bao Gei Heurng "Heurng Gu"
Mak Cheung Ching [Evergreen] as Lee Zhi Sek
Fiona Leung as Queenie/Siu Yuk Gwai
Raymond Cho as Lam Chi Kit
Joyce Tang as Elsa/Wan Pui Ling
Melissa Ng as Bao Gei Kwun
Shirley Cheung as Gung Siu Yau

The story revolves around a customs team consisting originally of Sek (Evergreen Mak), Queenie (Fiona Leung), Heurng (Jade Leung) and two others. Moon (Jessica Hsuan) is transferred to Ming's (Liza Wang) division. Kong (Wong Hei) also joins the team as captain.

Ming suddenly finds herself falling for Shan (Danny Lee), a distinguished man in the publishing industry. At work, she is a role model to her most trusted subordinates Kong and Moon.

Kong and Moon eventually fall in love with each other. But their fiery personalities soon clash and they end up breaking up.

They both move on with different people but both end up in failure.

Ming eventually gets together with Shan, but things get complicated when Shan's ex-girlfriend Kwun returns trying to get back together with him. Ming later finds that Shan involved in illegal drug practices.

Ming finds out that she is pregnant with Shan's child but he gets sent to Holland. They get split up coz Ming decides to stay in Hong Kong until the child is born.
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Ying Min

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PostSubject: Re: A Matter of Customs   Fri Dec 12, 2008 1:01 am

this the drama which is making me
wanted to rewatch again
but liza got pregnant which doesn wan to
tell ah shan this the problem she is face too
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A Matter of Customs
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