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 [08/06/07] $15m attracts Liza's attention

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PostSubject: [08/06/07] $15m attracts Liza's attention   Tue Jul 03, 2007 7:47 am

Translated by J

source: various HK media


Recent rumours said that Liza Wang is one of ATV's main targets in ATV's plot to "attract" TVB's main artists. A magazine reported that Liza Wang has been offered $15 million if she decides to join ATV. Ah Jie, Liza Wang, attended a charity event yesterday . When asked if she would participate in the activity next year, Liza said that it depends. Liza also said that she has tried going without food for more than 8 hours, especially when she's filming series.

There are rumours that ATV would be offering millions of dollars to TVB artists to "attract" them to join ATV. Liza said that she has not been in contact with any ATV staff and joked that, "If they're really offering tens of millions, I might consider! However, it's too early to tell." Liza said that competition between the TV titans is a positive thing and would enable the staff to get a raise in salary. Liza still has 6 months with TVB before her contract ends and would not be talking about extending it until the time comes.

During the event, Liza also visited a few of the charity stalls and attracted a lot of eager fans wanting to take pictures with Liza.
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[08/06/07] $15m attracts Liza's attention
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