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 Liza, filming WOIL2

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PostSubject: Liza, filming WOIL2   Mon Jun 25, 2007 10:41 pm

Credits: TVBSpace and d0ggiel0ver (AF)

Liza Wang, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu and Joyce Tang were filming yesterday at the Woo Kai Sha Youth Camp on location for "War of In-Laws 2007" in a scene that tells of magazine editor Liza still thinking about her work when she goes into hospital and is calling her staff in to discuss work with her and not even listening to her son Bosco. During filming, Liza was walking around on the grass and was sweating in the beating sun and for Bosco, wearing his fashionable purple leather shoes, shirt and knitted cardigan, he was even hotter and in between takes, he quickly took his cardigan off to cool down.

Also Liza indicates that this time she will be playing a posh person, so she will not be torturing Myolie like last time. She also reveals that she has to wear high heels in the show, but her knee injury is still not better, so she will bring her flat shoes with her to wear in between shots. Asked about the news of Lydia Shum being back in hospital, Liza says that she did meet Lydia for lunch earlier and she was fine, so she believes that this is just for a check up.

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Liza, filming WOIL2
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