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 Liza's scary incident in ShenZhen, China

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PostSubject: Liza's scary incident in ShenZhen, China   Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:32 am

Translated by J

On the 10th of January 2006, Liza and Kar Ying went to China to play golf and on the way back to HK (about 4 pm), they encountered "robbers-on-wheels". Kar Ying was driving when they realized that they another car was following them from behind. The black car honked constantly, but as Liza's car was going at a reasonable speed and was not doing anything wrong, they ignored the car. However, the car kept tailgating them and attempted to stop Liza's car by trying to bypass it. Liza also had 2 other friends in the car, and one of them said that robbers-on-wheels strike really often on these roads and advised that they should never stop the car. One of Liza's friends also noticed that the car had a visible dent on its front and the license plate was covered by a red paper. The car chase lasted more than 5 minutes. Liza called the police immediately when they reached the toll booth and the car gave up drove away... However, it took the police 30 minutes to reach Liza.

After returning to HK, Liza mentioned that the robbers were very daring. They were very bold to attempt robbery under broad daylight! As there were similar cases in the past, Liza said that if they were lucky, the robbers would only ask for compensation for the dent in their car (the robbers would accuse that they caused the dent). However, if they were unlucky they would be robbed of all their belongings or they would even be kidnapped. When asked to identify the robber(s), Liza was unable to do so as the car had tinted glass. Liza was so terrifed by this incident that she had to take sleeping pills to help her sleep.

Liza said that in the past political meetings, "robbers-on-wheels" were often mentioned and discussed but Liza feels that not much action was taken to prevent it. She said that she would definitely bring up this matter during the next meeting. In the meantime, Liza urged the public to take extra care while driving in China. She suggested that everyone should remember the police's phone number so that they would be able to call someone when the urgency arises. Liza also mentioned that they should never stop the car, instead drive quickly towards the toll booth. Liza mentioned that she would inform Hacken Lee and a few other celebrities that often drive in China to take extra care while driving.
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Liza's scary incident in ShenZhen, China
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