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 At the Threshold of An Era

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PostSubject: At the Threshold of An Era   Mon Jul 09, 2007 11:29 pm

Part 1


Gallen Lo
Sunny Chan
Roger Kwok
Kenix Kwok
Flora Chan
Liza Wang
Louis Koo
Ada Choi
Maggie Siu
Nicky Wu
Paul Chun
Joe Ma
Michael Wong
Hawick Lau
Grace Yip
Josie Ho

Liza acts as Fong Kim Ping. Her first marriage ended in a divorce when her husband has another woman. She has a daughter from her first marriage (Flora Chan). Liza then remarries Paul Chun.

Part 2


Gallen Lo as Yip Wing Tim
Ada Choi as Teen Ling
Louis Koo as Ah Lik
Roger Kwok as Ma Chi Keung
Flora Chan as Fok
Kenix Kwok as Sum Wing Yan
Maggie Siu as Pang Chi Wai
Hawick Lau as Yip Wing Jak
Grace Yip as Yip Nga Man
Joe Ma as Yip Wing Jun
Liza Wang as Fong Kim Ping
Chun Pui as Yip Hau Lai
Josie Ho
Nicky Wu as Yip Wing Hung

Continues on from part 1. Liza is still married to Paul Chun. Sadly, after a few years Paul dies. Liza is very upset. She later finds out that her ex husband is murdered. In the end she ends up with her driver, and lives happily together.
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Ying Min

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PostSubject: Re: At the Threshold of An Era   Fri Dec 12, 2008 12:50 am

i love this drama
liza look go geng and pretty as
rich tai tai
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At the Threshold of An Era
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